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There are 2 popular Cannahome mirrors listed below. Remember or write down there are many fakes on the Internet.

Link for TOR browser:

How do I enter Cannahome?

Website description Cannahome

As mentioned above, there are 2 popular analogs of the entrance. Both of them will be anonymous but from different angles, so to speak. You need to find the most convenient way to sign in for you.

  • Login via TOR browser;
  • Secure entrance through the gateway.

Login via TOR browser

You need to download tor browser for PC here. As soon as the browser has been installed you can follow the link http://canna4ihx7pbbt4vr2a2hpwniiewvp7vr4ejxcavffoi7yjanc3rk7id.onion (Cannahome site address in Onion zone). This page is considered the most important in Cannahome, if the link stops working, you need to either wait or follow the link in regular browsers.

Secure entrance through the gateway

This method exists if the main links are blocked - it redirects or automatically generates working links. Thus, it is very difficult to block a domain, providing a secure connection.

Cannahome mirrors and bypass attacks

Since most of the time, for your safety, you need a reliable bunch of connections to enter the store. Which we will talk about now.

VPN in conjunction with TOR

1. You need to download a VPN program for your PC. You can download here.

2. Install the app and follow the instructions.

3. The first week of using the service is free, registration is required.

4. We enter the received code in the program.

5. Your VPN is ready to go and access any site.

Bridges for TOR

1. Download tor browser for PC, you need to install it will take a couple of minutes - link.

2. Download the list of bridges for tor link. After following the link, click on the button «Just give me bridges!».

3. The code will be available on the page, copy it.

4. In tor browser «Network settings Tor».

5. Tick «Tor is banned in my country» and by pasting the copied code into the field, you will have access to all the delights.

6. Everything is ready, bridges for the tor browser are installed.

Cannahome website: description

Cannahome is a prohibited site for the sale of prohibited substances that are not available on the regular Internet. Cannahome has been working for a very long time - it hosts sellers with their goods, who sell everything from a jigsaw to a hammer. The Cannahomee website started its work in 2015. Such a site could only be made by very reliable programmers who protected users. For several years, the store has been constantly developing. At the moment, the store has hundreds of thousands of users and sellers, complete anonymity and protection from hacking.

Website description Cannahome

You need to have a Cannahome account to use the site, or register. If there is no account, you need to come up with a unique username and password, they must be very reliable so that you do not get hacked. Next, go to your personal account, you will have access to a unique bitcoin wallet, you need to replenish your account. Bitcoin is an anonymous means of payment, if there are no bitcoins, you can use the exchangers in Google there are enough.

How to shop on Cannahomee

After replenishment, you will have access to the balance that you can spend. In the search, you need to find a product that will be of interest to you. Next, you need to find the very best seller (with a lot of reviews). Then choose the quantity and read the product reviews. Pick up the goods and enjoy.